Effective Home Remedies For Gas

Extreme flatulence is sometimes an indication of secondary problem such as irritable bowel syndrome, the condition is mainly attributed to poor dieting and overeating habits.

The gas in your body can be from two main sources: intestinal tracts make too much gas as a result of breakdown of certain foods and swallowing a lot of air when eating.

Whichever the reason for the gas, excess gas can be extremely uncomfortable especially in the abdominal area. The following are some of the smart techniques that can be used to address the condition.

Diets. Getting rid of diets that give you gas is one of the best strategies. Acidic foods such as coffee, alcohol, fast foods, smoking and a number of packaged diets all increase chances of developing gas. Carbonated drinks such as sodas should also be eliminated from the list. Tomato based foods is a big issue to some people.

Making a list of the diets that gives you gas will help you to avoid the problem successfully. The preservatives used in the packaged foods such as citric, abscorbic and malic acids should be avoided to help in keeping your gas level down.

Swedish bitters. This is an over 500 years old herbal tonic that helps in treating gas and a number of other ailments. It is a strong concoction composed of rhubarb root, aloe vera, angelica root, theriac ventian, zedoary root, camphor, myrrh and carline thistle. A lot of studies have proven that it improves the digestion system. Patients only require taking one teaspoonful a day to get effective results.

Papaya enzymes. The enzymes increase the digestion breakdown which in turn reduces accumulation of gases in the body. The enzymes are recommended to be taken just before taking some of the diets that gives you gas. You can consume 500 mg of papaya before and after taking meals.

Probiotic supplement. This is essential part of controlling the gas. It enhances digestion and also keeps good balance f the intestinal organisms that enhance the digestion process.

Aloe vera juice. Look for the high quality juice that contains minimal to no preservatives. Consume abut 4 ounces of the juice and after every meal. The juice is known to help in addressing a wide variety of digestive problems. This in turn helps to suppress gas accumulation in the intestine.

Diet timing. Avoid eating within three hours on your way to bed since this increase the risk of developing gas. In case your condition has escalated to worse level, you have no alternative other than to follow this strategy. There are some people who are compelled to get up in the middle of the night after getting sick.

Lemonade. Lemons are great for maintaining good health. Prepare lemon spiked water that you can take when you wake up. The juice is prepared by cutting a lemon in small pieces that can then be pressed in the water to extract the juice. The juice works perfectly on some people.

Ginger. This is an all-time and effective natural remedy for many gastrointestinal conditions. It can either be consumed raw but in case that is too strong for you then you may consider making tea using it.

Alternatively, purchase the candid ginger which is a little bit weaker. The ginger tonic can be made with lemon juice, water, raw honey, freshly squeezed ginger juicer and lemon juice. Apart from controlling the gas, the tonic is also an effective immune enhancer.

Apple cider vinegar. This is common cure used to treat many aliments affecting humans. The supplement is recognized as an effective remedy for suppressing and eliminating gas natural. Juicing with vegetables can also help to eliminate the gas despite the fact that it is extremely healthy.

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